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About us



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Who We Are

Sinopart is a European owned and managed automotive parts company.

We are based in Hong Kong and work with our production partners throughout Asia.

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in delivering quality products to customers worldwide.


With our long experience in Europe we understand very well the need to consistently deliver premium quality products.

At every stage of production our team monitors quality to ensure compliance with our quality standards.

This quality is again checked before shipment.


We have packing options as follows:

The costs can be supplied on request.


Our normal shipping terms are - FOB country of origin

For an extra cost we can include the following:

Seafreight to your nearest port or

Delivery to your premises (exc import clearance charges)

If you have any special requirements please tell us.

About us and our services

Product Sourcing & Development

In the event that the product you require is not in our range we can either source it from another factory or develop it for you.

Please email us for further details about our sourcing and development programs.

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We are continually developing new catalogues for our range as we add new references.

If you find any problems in our catalogues please advise us.

Click here to email us with catalogue problem.

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